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Jake Matthews ready to prove to UFC he can handle main card promotion in Adelaide


The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani

The Run Home: Jake Matthews


UFC’s Ultimate Fighting Column: Dana White hails Australia’s Jake Matthews as future star of MMA



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Rebecca HallamLove it!2 days ago
Nigel HuntleyJack Gallagher is a current wwe superstar .. good times2 days ago
Nate HarrisonGood stuff Jake can't wait to see you back in the cage mate! 👍11 hours ago

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Brock ChantYew5 days ago   ·  1
Matty LiggittGet it jakey we look forward to seein u back in the cage 👍5 days ago   ·  1
Amanda LockwoodGreat to hear jake 👍 cant wait to see you back in the cage 👊💪👍5 days ago   ·  1
Raymond DellerGood to see U back in training Jake. Had stent into my heart❤ last Tuesday. Now due to blood thinners my hip replacement is now on hold for 12 months. BUGGER5 days ago   ·  1
Scott CelereLaying down again..5 days ago   ·  2
Rebecca HallamThanks for the shout out Champ, you know it's fun for me!! Can't wait to see you back in the octagon (as surgically appropriate!!)...5 days ago   ·  1
Justin BromleyRebecca.... you know where to send the great man to get that post surgery scar tissue and ROM sorted 😉😉5 days ago   ·  2
Connor M GutteridgeSo keen to see ya back in the octagon man. Hope it's in Australia again so I can come cheer you on bro. Love your work man5 days ago   ·  1
Reece GardinerDoes anyone know what he did? i didnt even know he was injured?5 days ago
Joel DavidGreat job. Looking forward to seeing your next win5 days ago   ·  1
Bill HouldeyHip arthroscopes & clean outs? Get better soon.5 days ago   ·  1
Mimi SuchYay!! Great to see you back already!!! :-) superstar :-)5 days ago   ·  1

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As a fighter this disgusts me.
The dedication, commitment and sacrifices most fighters make to do what they love with the hope of taking their passion as far as they can.....the training and costs associated, the stress on their bodies, weight cuts etc.

And at the end of it all, after putting their heart and soul into every inch, TO NOT BE PAID by the promoter, makes me furious. But to not pay a single fighter is unconscionable.

Some of these guys then need to borrow or take out loans to cover costs, if this type of thing happens.

Understand!.....the fight community may be worldwide, but it's a tight, interlaced, mostly honourable community, where everyone knows someone. So pay these fighters their hard earned.....or you will be exposed.
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1 week ago

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Jeff HananWhich promotion?1 week ago   ·  9
Dylan HopgoodName and shame!! Josh Steward1 week ago   ·  1
John DemicoliBloody oath!! Absolutely disgusting!!1 week ago   ·  1
Karl DunphyScum bag.1 week ago
Raymond DellerSuch a piece of SHIT1 week ago
Nigel HuntleyMetamoris1 week ago
Nigel HuntleyDues people gotta pay to be a mma fighter. Gotta dodge dodgy promoters1 week ago
Derrick ReashoreIf they don't pay u , beat their ass1 week ago
Shane RobinsonWell if they don't pay let everyone know so people can boycott the promoter. And other fighters can steer clear of them. That's shithouse!1 week ago   ·  1
Bill HouldeyFair enough too. People deserve their pay1 week ago
Brenton DalyId like to hear more about local promotions so I could go and support them so they could pay there fighters1 week ago   ·  3
Jason LapinBack in the old days you had the give the purse for the night to the boxing commission before they started the show. Maybe they should bring that rule back in.1 week ago   ·  2

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Everyone says: "If you need anything, don't hesitate, I'll be there for you ". I'm going to make a bet, without being pessimistic, that out of my Facebook friends that less than 5 will take the time to put this on their wall to help raise awareness of and for those who have mental health difficulties. You just have to copy it from my wall and paste it to yours (hold down on my post and you will be given the option to copy... then go to your status and hold down to paste). Please write "done" under my comments when you do! I've done this for a friend for Mental Health Awareness.
Thanks. It's not always that easy.
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2 weeks ago

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Mark 'couta' Barrittdone mate2 weeks ago   ·  1
Amanda LockwoodDone 👍2 weeks ago
Nick MastersI would but I seen that these copy and paste are started by hackers2 weeks ago   ·  1
Michael SedgwickDone my man2 weeks ago
Belinda SedgwickDone mate2 weeks ago
Matty PlaterDone mate2 weeks ago
Paul WarnDone 👌🏼2 weeks ago
Scott FindlayDone mate, always support this kind of thing.2 weeks ago
Nick VisicDone2 weeks ago
Chris WestmanDone2 weeks ago
Josh AshbaDone brah2 weeks ago
Mick MckayDone!2 weeks ago
Dale CrawfordDone2 weeks ago

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