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Jake Matthews ready to prove to UFC he can handle main card promotion in Adelaide


The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani

The Run Home: Jake Matthews


UFC’s Ultimate Fighting Column: Dana White hails Australia’s Jake Matthews as future star of MMA



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Natalie HumphreysSpeedy recovery Jake 🙏🏻😊1 month ago
Robert PaveyGet well what happened to you? And also i won a pair of your signed gloves keep punching budz!1 month ago
Anthony LawrenceSpeedy recovery man! You truly are gonna be Australia's best fighter you have so much potential can't wait to see your next one.,1 month ago   ·  1
Leon FullerHope recovery goes well brother1 month ago
OpalMale PacificEppingSpeedy recovery bud hope all is well1 month ago
Jay TufugaRest up bro see you after holidays ..1 month ago
Priscilla BrincatGlad to hear it went well, wishing you a speedy recovery for round 2!1 month ago
David RussoGet well soon mate1 month ago
Ben SchmidtGet well soon mate :)1 month ago
Tom Maakaall the best Jake. heres to a speedy recovery. you're not just an inspiration to myself but each and every wimp 2 warrior as well !1 month ago
Gareth Holmesget well soon mate, glad to hear you're holding up well1 month ago
Emma WeichardGlad all has gone well so far. The next one will go just as well so your back in the octagon bigger and better than ever 🖒1 month ago   ·  1
Shannon FrenchHope all goes well mate 👍1 month ago
Karl DunphyGet well champ 👊👊👊1 month ago
Jessica BrownGet better soon big feller and merry christmas1 month ago
Mat CowieAll the best Jakey in your recovery 👍1 month ago
Josh EcclesCan't wait for you to get back in the cage man you are a beast1 month ago
Robert GonnellaTake care Jake1 month ago
Amanda LockwoodGood luck with the 2nd surgery jake and hope your fighting fit asap 😉👍1 month ago
Raymond DellerGet Well soon. My Surgeon finally agreed to do my hip replacement in new year. YEAH1 month ago
Adrian Kowalskigood luck, greetings from poland :)1 month ago
Ben WaldenSpeedy recovery m81 month ago
Bill HouldeyWhat you getting done Jake? Hope you recover well.1 month ago
Damian Stemmlerall the best Jake Oz is with you1 month ago

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Craig Chooka Glennman Kyle's a legend .. the front kick and beatdown that he handed out at Etihad will never be forgotten .. i can still hear the echo of that kick2 months ago   ·  5
Darryl RandallRespect.2 months ago
Pamorn MartdeeThanks for the memories, the real OG2 months ago

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My thoughts on UFC Melbourne!
I love Australian fans, but damn Daniel Kelly has earnt a place in our hearts as an Aussie hero, if you knew his story and his struggles and the fact that despite the overwhelming odds, your thoughts would be different, embrace this guy, 5-1 on the world's biggest MMA stage, he is what we all aspire to be, god bless you Dan.
And Robert Whittaker MMA, hell every time he fights all us fighters are in his corner, this guy can and will be Australia's first UFC Champion.
As for me, I lost.....and that's on me, but the support following the fight was overwhelming, I'm very lucky to be surrounded by loving family members and friends.
But these guys set a positive example to us all, our youth can aspire to greater things because of the example they set, as will I, and I will be back, and I will live up to the hype, I wont give up because of the examples of these guys, they train here in Oz, they show loyalty and so should we.
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2 months ago

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Frank VacircaWin or lose you give it all, and sometimes that's what matters most.2 months ago   ·  5
Shayne Kanga IronsWho's shit talking Daniel Kelly - Athlete Page ? Bloke is an absolute beast ! Don't honestly think i've seen a dude tougher. Absolute warrior, If you don't love they way he puts it all on the line you are an imbecile as he is all guts and heart. Robert Whittaker MMA is just an assassin. Keeps his eyes locked on his opponent and just puts them out. Jake 'The Celtic Kid' Matthews Dont be down on your performance mate, You fought hard and got bettered on the night but you're only 22 and have years ahead of you legend ! You did us all proud ! All the Aussie boys did !2 months ago   ·  17
Daniel MelliYou are mature beyond your years and humble to boot. No matter what hype you feel you need to live up to, you are already a great human, which is much more important.2 months ago   ·  4
Robert GonnellaWell said Jake2 months ago   ·  1
Roger EversenWell said Jake how's the foot ?2 months ago   ·  2
Huw Matthewsya did good bro guy just sat on ya for bit to long and ya foot must have been killing ya could see u lost abit of movement still good job bro2 months ago   ·  1
Matthew SilkJake the way you handled yourself post fight is to be commended. To suffer a loss and an injury. Then back it up with the Q&A at the Precinct is to be applauded. Other Australian athletes should take note! Dan kelly no words can describe his heart ... wow!2 months ago   ·  2
Mat CowieYou will succeed Jakey 👍🇦🇺and get better each time always a champ get better soon Aussie Aussie Aussie oi oi oi .2 months ago
Marissa NewmanConnor this is amazing to read. Can't believe how humble Jake is even though he lost. Also there is no excuses like you normally get. I'm so happy that you are going into MMA in Australia and have these amazing guys to look up to. It's so great to see the amazing role models that are in the sport especially considering the bad image that the sport generally gets2 months ago   ·  1
Carlos ChambersJye Jye Bailey2 months ago   ·  1
Shane AzzaYou're a tuff nut Jake and you'll up the top in the future.2 months ago
Bianca Sipthorp👌🏻👌🏻 Good work by the Aussies yesterday! You still fought like a champ Jake! 💪🏻👊🏻2 months ago
Colin Mc DonnellRemember all the clowns on here saying he would demolish McGregor. I enjoyed that post. I'd love to have it rebumped. Absolutely ridiculous. Now that the hype is over Jake can set about improving all aspects of his game to get him to the top which he has the potential to do.2 months ago
Ash BenjaminWe all behind ya brother. Can't wait for your next fight. Dude slept on you :/2 months ago
Ashleigh J RossYou did really well jake you should be proud of yourself. You will come back bigger and better than ever, that I am sure of! oh and thanks for the photo and he chat last night :)2 months ago
Mick MckayYou are a gentleman and I was there you made a very good account of yourself mate. You should be proud of yourself 👍👍👍2 months ago
Matt ToppIt was a tough fight mate but I was stoked to be there cheering you on. You are cutting your own path in the MMA world and are an example of talent, toughness and tenacity to young people not only in Australia but worldwide. Keep strong champion2 months ago
Rebecca HallamPerfectly said Jakey Matt. I will be in your corner for as long as you want me to be. Looking forward to the next phase, with even more drive than we had before...keep working and the results will come.2 months ago
Shayne BrownI think there's two future champs...Robert whittaker 👊 and with abit more experience jake mathews will kill it...2 months ago   ·  1
Dane StokesGet back in the gym mate train hard and fight hard aussie mma fans/ supporters are behind ya mate go the celtic kid2 months ago
Luke TrahairNext time Jakey lad 🇦🇺👊🏻2 months ago
Alvaro L. CharryChin Up Jake!! You fought like a champ 👊👊... The best is yet to come! 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺2 months ago
MMA VictoriaWell said!2 months ago
George GoncalvesSometimes Jake we all have to take a couple of steps back. Before we can run full steam ahead. You're still very young and you have a lot of ass kickin to do. You have an awesome team behind you. Your future looks very promising. I wish you all the best now and in the future.2 months ago

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